Active Soft and Biological Matter: A Conference in honour of Jacques Prost 30th September - 5th October 2012

In the past forty years, Jacques Prost has made a remarkable contribution to our understanding of soft and biological matter.

He started out as an experimentalist, and early on in his career studied liquid crystals, which led to his lasting contribution as a co-author, together with Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, of the book entitled "The Physics of Liquid Crystals." As his career progressed, he demonstrated the remarkable quality that he was equally comfortable working as a theoretician, and established the Theoretical Chemical Physics Laboratory at ESPCI, which he directed for a decade. During this period, he moved towards studying membranes and biologically inspired active soft matter systems, which led him to the decision to move to the Curie Institute and establish a Physical Chemistry Laboratory which would study living systems from the physical sciences perspective. This group today is arguably one of the most visible places in the world for biological physics.

His brand of science is unique; one that moves freely across traditional disciplinary boundaries.